Dynamic IPS System

Dynamic IPS System


Revolutionary Pocketed Innerspring System

This revolutionary pocketed innerspring system utilizer specially designed automated technology that strategically positions pocketed coils of varying heights in the same row, along with the intergration of Dunlopillo IPS Stabilizer, ensuring maximum & unsurpassed comfort, support & versatility.

Benefit from:

  • Initial soft touch to ensure greater comfort & excellent contour to every curve of the body.
  • After 15mm of compression on the springs, springs will be 2x firmer to offer perfect contour support for correct spinal cord alignment & prevent back pain.
  • Innerspring gives up to 28% cooler than foam.

Dynamic Spring System

Spring of varying heights & elastic strength are intergrated into one system, ensuring:

  • Ultimated comfort & Superior Body Contour Support, irrespective of wright & body curves
  • Sufficient consistent & continous support throughout your sleep, irresspective of sleeping posture.

IPS Stabilizer

IPS Stabilizer installed at every fixes interval within the Dynamic Spring System, ensuring:

  • Stabble, Consistent & Efficient Responsiveness of the spring system in reacting towards body motion.
  • Advanced mechanism minimizes partner disturbance & pricings durability.